Batterers Intervention Program (BIP)


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In compliance with IC 35-50-9-1, the Batterers Intervention Program (BIP) at Rose Project Counseling & Consulting, is State-Certified through the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV). We help participants take personal accountability by using integrity to create healthier relationships. We offer gender-specific classes for both men and women, and boys and girls.


We provide support both individually and through group, however, to receive credit for BIP you must participate in the group. This program is designed to address the negative core beliefs associated with getting what you want through abuse or mistreating another person. Qualified staff will meet with you to discuss thinking errors that you may have never realized were associated with your behaviors. Additionally, we know that alcohol and other drugs increase the intensity of negative feelings, but we want to help you understand the triggers associated with substance abuse and its connection to violent behavior.


This program is an excellent option for anyone scoring at a moderate to high-risk level on the Indiana Risk Assessment System: Community Supervision Tool (IRAS-CST). We use Cognitive Accountability Training (CAT), which is especially suitable for those with an elevated score on domain seven, Criminal Attitudes and Behavioral Patterns.



Service Delivery:

Clients participate in weekly group sessions for 26-52 weeks, and meet with a case manager or counselor individually to work on their relationship and personal care plan. This plan is individually designed for each client, and with each client providing input on their goals.


Most of the groups begin with the facilitator showing a brief video scene and then leading a group discussion about the scene.  Each class meets for two hours or less. All participants are treated with the same respect and concern that they are encouraged to extend to others. It is understood that considering one's life and most intimate relationships honestly requires courage and hard work, and the atmosphere is supportive, and always nonviolent. While we foster a trauma-informed, and client-centered environment...Each person bears full responsibility for their own behavior. 


  • Cost is FREE if just trying out one class. You do NOT need to speak to program staff to start

  • Classes are available for those who speak Spanish through our partnership with Amor Latino Family Services, Inc (at our office)

  • Individual counseling sessions may be required in addition to group

  • Working with a recovery coach, and attending 12-step meetings may be a requirement as well

  • Drug screening is available for DCS referred clients

Convenient Class Times & Locations:


Pre-Enrollment is Required by texting or calling 317.961.2012 with your email address.



Women's Thursday Class 6:00-7:30 p.m.

$35.00 per class




Men's Wednesday Class: 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

35.00 per class



Each participant will receive verification of class attendance on the day of service.


If an assessment/evaluation is required there is a cost  and should be scheduled before the start of classes.

Court appearance is to provide expert testimony only, no character recommendations are made ever. Court can cost up to $400.00 per day per staff.


Note classes may cancel due to low enrollment.




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