Youth & Family services take many forms because we are committed to restoring families. Our primary focus is to meet families in their environment with an individualized plan.

Home-based Services:

We provide Caseworkers, who provide most services in the home or community of families referred for services. We believe that all families at some point in time may need support without feeling unequipped. We partner with youth, parents or the entire family using their skills and abilities to overcome obstacles.


Our professionals use needs assessments to help individuals and families narrow their focus, so no goal feels too big or overwhelming. We walk through achieving goals step by step.


We use the following services to assist individuals and families with accessing community resources, job placement, housing, childcare, transportation and meaningful parenting time:

We accept referrals from the Department of Child Services, Probation and Choices, Inc. Make a Referral

Servicing Marion, Boone, Hendricks, Morgan, Hamilton, Johnson & Hancock counties