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Victim-Survivor Services




About Our Services:

Whether you need someone to inform you of your options, or are ready for

counseling to start your healing process we are here for you. Our program offers services for survivors of Domestic Violence in group and individual setting for self referred individuals as well those involved with Probation or Child Services.

We take pride in helping your family to move forward, and to fulfill child services requirements or court-ordered services. We understand the healing process and although the process can be difficult we will walk with you through it. Our education is based on best practices that address safety concerns, and emotions caused by trauma exposure. We do not bash the perpetrator, but we focus on the healing, overcoming trauma triggers, and the safety of children.

In the initial interview and evaluation, we will ensure that individuals are a good fit for our program by assessing for both victimization as well as perpetration of violence. While we do not want to re-victimize participants, we want to ensure that each person is recommended for the appropriate group.

How Will Participate Look:

Virtual Group Counseling: Currently our victim services, in a group format. We also have a support group for youth and adults who have exposed to violence as a witness, and those who have directly experienced it. We foster an empowerment belief, promote healing, recovery, and healthy relationships. We have education groups, as well as licensed counselors who facilitate treatment groups. We use one of the following promising practices: Seeking Safety, Healing Trauma: A Brief Intervention for Girls, Beyond Trauma: A Healing Journey for Women, Building Resilience: A Brief intervention for Males, and Queering Safety.


Our groups meet weekly enrollment is by appointment only. You'll only attend one class per week.

Virtual ​Individual Counseling: Individual counseling support allows survivors of violence, their children, and partners to process life transitions, anger, frustration, self-esteem, shame, guilt, and relationship challenges. Home-based services are limited for safety reasons therefore services are offered in the office or virtually.

Virtual Assessments: Assessments are better described as an evaluation of risk. A counselor will determine an individual, family, or child's environmental risk of being exposed to additional trauma from family violence. Adults are engaged in a virtual intake before or after attending a class. All recommendations are reviewing at the end of the enrollment appointment. Children and families are assessed as well using the BASC-3 and when appropriate their Case Manager is engaged to put services in place for parents and collaborative partnerships with teacher.


For more information call 317-222-5064.



If you have a need for information, and would like to obtain it anonymously please call 1−800−799−7233 or TTY 1−800−787−3224. If you believe your relationship is unhealthy, we believe you and are here to help you find a safe place. National Domestic Violence Hotline Click Here for Help.

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