Nurturing Parenting Assessments, Classes and Ongoing Support



To enroll you must contact us at 317.222.5064 ask about getting your parenting assessment completed. Class are twice per week for 9 weeks.

​About the Services: Comprehensive support for pre-natal families, parents of children with special needs, new parents, and those in need of ideas for non-violent alternatives to physical discipline. Following our educational service, we recommend linking our families with a Parent Aide to assist in their daily success! We understand that your child's needs are unique, and that you have your expectations as a parent. We want to assist you, how awesome would it be to learn some new ideas?! Restoration starts with you! We believe in empowering parents to be their best.

Cost of Program: Your DCS Caseworker can refer you or if self-referred see Calendar & Fee Info Page or call to see if you qualify for sliding fee. Pre and Post Evaluation results will be shared with your and/or your referral source.

Class Location & Time: 1311 N Arlington Ave, Ste 102 Indianapolis IN 46219. Wednesday and Friday 5:00-7:00 PM. Childcare available upon request at time of enrollment.

We utilize the following curriculum, but not limited to:





The Nurturing Parent Curriculum

To enroll call 317-222-5064. Individual sessions in home are available for those referred by the Department of Child Services only. Group occurs in the Marion County office.