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Parenting Time, Supervised

Supervised parenting time, offered in an office setting by trained paraprofessionals or therapeutic staff, provides a safe and monitored environment for families navigating challenging situations. Our services prioritize the well-being of children by ensuring supervised interactions between parents and their children, promoting healthy parent-child relationships and ensuring child safety. To initiate services, families are required to schedule an intake appointment, complete a background check, and adhere to our guidelines for maintaining a supportive and respectful atmosphere during supervised visits. It's important to note that our services do not include court appearances or testimony unless additional retainer payment is provided in advance, allowing families to focus on the therapeutic aspect of their interactions without undue legal complications.

Pricing & Fees

Our office is located at 5805 N Post Rd Indianapolis, IN 46216

Note that you must come to the office location for all services, and no services are offered in the community or in the home unless under referral and payment by Department of Child Services.


Visitation fees are $100.00 per hour for Supervised Parenting visits. Payment is due at least 72 hours prior to the visit and should be paid online using the link below for the agreed number of hours. 


An intake assessment is required by both Parents/Guardians prior to visitation. The one time fee for assessments is $50.00 per parent.  

Visitation Room:

Photos coming soon.

The dedicated parenting time spaces within our facility are tailor-made with children in mind. Each room is stocked with toys and activities suited to different age groups, fostering meaningful interactions between parents and children through conversation and play. Our spacious rooms can accommodate both single children and families with multiple children. To enhance variety and enjoyment, parents have the flexibility to reserve a different parenting time room for each visit, at no extra charge, subject to availability. All activities provided are complimentary, and we do not charge for video game or movie rentals, or craft supplies.


Throughout every visit, a skilled Supervisor will consistently oversee all interactions and communications between the parent and the child(ren). Subsequent to each visit, the center will provide an Observation Report detailing the Supervisor’s professional evaluation of the family’s interaction. This evaluation will encompass significant facts, observations, and direct statements made by the family. Additionally, it will depict the family’s conduct, level of comfort during the visit, and any strengths or concerns identified by the Supervisor. However, the center will refrain from making recommendations regarding adjustments to the duration of supervised parenting time.



If either parent requires a report outside of the Observation reports that are included for court purposes, a separate fee of $50 per report will be incurred for each request.

Court Appearances & Testimony:

If either parent requires a court appearance and testimony from the supervisor of the visitations, a fee of $250 plus travel costs will be incurred and payment will be due 7 days prior to the hearing. If the hearing is held more than 50 miles away, a virtual open will be requested for attendance or an an additional $150.00 fee will be assessed.

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