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Rose Project Counseling & Consulting focuses on providing mental health therapy, advocacy, and education to individuals, youth, and families aspiring to lead fulfilling lives.
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Domestic Violence Education & Prevention
Rose Project offers advocacy, therapy and education for families affected by domestic violence, providing survivor classes and counseling for children. Their services include a certified batterers intervention program aimed at addressing the root causes of domestic violence. Through comprehensive support, Rose Project aims to empower families to heal and thrive beyond the challenges of domestic violence. Our agency understands the diverse needs and that both men and women can be victims of violence and offer support to all.
Mental Health and Trauma Therapy, Social-Emotional Health Groups for Youth

Rose Project provides mental health therapy services, specializing in intimate partner violence, narcissistic disorder, addiction, parent-child attachment, and youth with sexual behaviors. Their tailored approach addresses a range of complex issues to support clients in achieving healing and personal growth. With expertise in these areas, Rose Project is dedicated to fostering resilience and well-being in individuals and families. In 2022, Budding Roses was launched for youth 6-17 to provide onsite support and education for youth in school and after school programs.
Parent Education & Parent-Child Bonding
Rose Project offers non-judgmental support and education for parents through the Nurturing Parenting Curriculum, tailored for parents of children aged 0-17. This curriculum helps parents understand alternative discipline strategies, appropriate role expectations, and child development, fostering improved parent-child bonds. With a focus on nurturing and understanding, Rose Project aims to empower parents to create healthier and more supportive family environments. We also offer therapeutic supervised visits.
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Payment Options Include:
Sliding Scale
DCS Referral
Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP)
Aetna, Cigna & UHC

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Safe Sleep & Cribs for Kids
All families with infants receive education for Safe sleep practices and having a dedicated crib are crucial for children's well-being and safety. Providing a safe sleep environment reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and suffocation, promoting better sleep quality and reducing the likelihood of accidents. A properly constructed crib with a firm mattress and fitted sheet, free from blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals, creates a secure space for infants to sleep, ensuring their optimal growth and development while giving parents peace of mind.

Please contact us for this service. We will collect your name and notify you of the next opportunity to attend.

Child Passenger Seat Safety & Annual Car Seat Clinic
Ensuring child passenger seat safety is paramount for protecting children during travel. Our Annual Car Seat Clinic provides a vital opportunity for parents and caregivers to receive expert guidance on selecting, installing, and using car seats correctly. By offering personalized assistance and education at the clinic, we empower families to safeguard their children and adhere to best practices in child passenger safety, ultimately reducing the risk of injury or harm in the event of a collision.

Please contact us for this service. We will collect your name and notify you of the next opportunity to attend.
Addiction Treatment & Recovery Coaching
Our Addiction Treatment & Recovery Coaching program employs a harm reduction and matrix model approach, guided by experienced clinicians. We prioritize personalized care and support individuals in their journey towards recovery, acknowledging the complexity of addiction. By integrating evidence-based practices and compassionate guidance, we empower clients to make sustainable changes, fostering a path towards long-term wellness and fulfillment.

Please contact us for this service. We will connect you directly with a therapist or recovery coach.
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